Farmer Uses Excrement From 15 Bulls And Cows To Express His Feelings For Donald Trump

Sick of Donald Trump and politics, this farmer spelled out his feelings with manure from 15 cows and bulls.

Most people use social media to express their favor or disdain for certain candidates, not manure from the barnyard. But, then again, Jerry Slankard of Strasburg, Ohio, is not most people.

The farmer, who feels very strongly about the upcoming presidential election, used the manure of 15 cows and bulls to spell out a message on his land.

As is revealed in the video above, the message “No Trump” is splayed across his property.

Certainly, you have to be very passionate about a topic to invest the amount of time and skill required to send a message to air travelers… in manure.

Credit: CNN / Screenshot

Credit: CNN / Screenshot

According to Daily KOS, it took Slankard four hours to haul enough manure to finish his Donald-is-full-of-sh*t message.

Where candidate he’s hoping makes it in the White House, we’re not sure. But what is clear, is that he’s hoping Trump – or Drumpf – stays as far away from office as possible.

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