Eye-Opening Social Experiment Draws Attention To Homelessness Crisis In Powerful Way [Watch]

What would you do if you saw a figure wrapped in a refuse sack, hunched over in the street?

Credit: Maxwell Rushton

Credit: Maxwell Rushton

Are you aware that worldwide, approximately 100 million people are homeless? Many of them live in developed nations where hundreds of people walk past them on the street every day. Unfortunately, many homeless individuals go without acknowledgement or are able to satiate even their most meager of needs.

The ignorance on the issue of homelessness, and the stigma that surrounds associating over even working to help end the crisis is what prompted English artist Maxwell Rushton to stage a powerful social experiment called ‘Left Out’.

Rushton shares on his website that the project, which meant to force the public to deal with the crisis in front of them, received more than 10 million views and 130k shares in the first four days of its debut. And truly, when you view the videos below, you’ll understand why.


As can be viewed, ‘Left Out’ featured figures hunched over in black bags. Perhaps the London-based artist sought to show how society sometimes treats homeless individuals as trash. After all, initiatives do exist to help those who are down on their luck, but with all the developments of present-day society, world hunger and homelessness really shouldn’t be continuous conundrums.

Credit: Maxwell Rushton

Credit: Maxwell Rushton

You can learn more about Maxwell Rushton by visiting his website and Facebook page.

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