Experts Suggest Urban Forests To Make Cities More Natural And Livable

Road Forest Trees Tree Trip Nature Leaves SeasonPeople living in large numbers in the same general area is not necessarily a bad thing, but the layout and structure of both traditional and modern cities can create several major social, health and environmental problems.

The aspects of city life that need to be reconsidered are large and abundant, but one major obvious problem is the lack of plant and wildlife.

Some experts suggest that urban forestry is the needed solution to this problem.

According to Wikipedia:

An urban forest is a forest or a collection of trees that grow within a city, town or a suburb. In a wider sense it may include any kind of woody plant vegetation growing in and around human settlements. In a narrower sense (also called forest park) it describes areas whose ecosystems are inherited from wilderness leftovers or remnants. Care and management of urban forests is called urban forestry.

Urban forests play an important role in ecology of human habitats in many ways: they filter air, water, sunlight, provide shelter to animals and recreational area for people. They moderate local climate, slowing wind and stormwater, and shading homes and businesses to conserve energy. They are critical in cooling the urban heat island effect, thus potentially reducing the number of unhealthful ozone days that plague major cities in peak summer months.

In many countries there is a growing understanding of the importance of the natural ecology in urban forests. There are numerous projects underway aimed at restoration and preservation of ecosystems, ranging from simple elimination of leaf-raking and elimination of invasive plants to full-blown reintroduction of original species and riparian ecosystems.

Check out the share-able infographic below for more information:


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