Ex-Con On Way To Job Interview Takes Shirt Off Back To Save Man’s Life

Aaron Tucker and his family may finally get a fresh start.


Source: GoFundMe via Karin Dale

Months after moving from prison to a halfway house, Aaron Tucker, 32, was riding the bus to a job interview in Stamford, Connecticut, when he witnessed a serious car accident. Tucker deboarded the bus to rush to the scene.

Along with three other men from a nearby auto shop, Tucker rescued the injured man from the car, which had flipped over and hit a tree. A 61-year-old man had suffered a head injury and Tucker took off his dress shirt to wrap it around the wound.


Source: Westport Now

“I got into the car and the man was bleeding badly from his head. I took off my shirt to stop the blood flow. Someone said to take the key out of the ignition and I did that.” Tucker explained to a Westport Now reporter, still shaken and wearing a blood-stained white undershirt.

Tucker showed inspiring bravery and heroism, while others just stood by watching and taking videos on their phone. He rushed to help the stranger, even though he risked missing his interview, and was also told he could not reboard the bus when he asked the driver to stop.


Source: Westport Now

After serving a 22-month sentence in prison for a weapons charge, Tucker was recently released to a halfway house in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He is a the proud father of a 2-year-old boy, Aaron Tucker Jr. Despite having grown up without a father himself, Tucker is determined to provide for his son and the child’s mother.

“I’m determined to change my life,” he said. “I’m looking for any kind of job –- construction worker, landscaper, restaurant worker. I’ll do a good job.”

Karin Dale witnessed the incident and created a GoFundMe page as a thank you, and to help Aaron “at least buy a new shirt.” Since, the beautiful story has been shared all over the country, now Aaron Jr. may nearly have his college fund.

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