Ex-Bully Turned Poet Gives Awesome Talk On Being Yourself

The most beautiful way to stop a bully I've ever seen

Poet Shane Koyczan talks eloquently about what it´s like to be different from the rest. His words are inspiring, haunting and comforting all at the same time. He talks about his friend, a girl with a birthmark that made her the target for school bullies, and his own childhood, which was a difficult one- he was the fat kid and brought up in care. His school life was fraught with cruelty, and as he got older, he began treating other people badly as a result. “I hated myself for becoming what I loathed- a bully,” Koyczan says.

The animation used to accompany Koyczan´s speech is beautiful, and his message about being true to yourself – and compassionate to others- is one to share.

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