Every Student, Parent, And Educator Needs To Hear This Heartfelt Message [Video]

This is a must-watch video with a powerful message.

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There are so few of us in the world that are straight A students, and even the ones that are always?have a passion or goal that doesn’t ultimately involve being in school and acing exams for the rest of their lives. While many people strive to achieve good grades throughout their educational career, if they are lucky enough to have one, not everyone has the drive, the means, or the wiring in their brain to succeed in school.

Though many would call these people ‘stupid’ or ‘slackers,’ it’s clear to others that sometimes these people often excel at something?outside of school, like sports or art. Even those that are highly intelligent in school-related subjects have a tendency towards being apathetic towards school, like Albert Einstein.

In today’s world, with the emerging role of science and the decreasing importance placed on arts, students are frequently encouraged to seek out STEM careers or to disregard their hobbies in favor of focusing on school and work. The term “starving artist” was derived from the fact that many artists, whether they’re actors, musicians, or painters, struggle to find consistent work and therefore live paycheck to paycheck.

All of this is born out of societal pressures to make money rather than be happy with your career, no matter what it is. If society emphasized the importance of art galleries and local theater productions, the term “starving artist” might not even exist. But where does all of this stigma around creativity and non-traditional jobs stem from? It all starts with the education system, which stresses grades and test scores over personal interests.

One principal from Singapore sent out a letter to his students and parents to let them know that their child’s passions, whatever they may be, are important and may even exceed the importance of their test scores. Watch the video below to hear the message that everyone needs to listen to.

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