Every Animal At This Shelter Was Just Adopted Thanks To Anonymous Donor

The donation helped make dreams come true for the animals, the shelter, and families.

Credit: Forsyth Humane Society

On the Thursday before Christmas, the Forsyth Humane Society received an early Christmas present in the form of an anonymous donation of $5,000—which was immediately used to sponsor the adoption fees for every single animal currently at the shelter.

When shelter staff learned of the donation, they couldn’t believe it and quickly shared the news with the local community in hopes of getting many of their animals into their forever home for the holidays. A huge crowd gathered in the front of the facility the following day and met with adoption counselors to find the perfect companion for their families.

Credit: Forsyth Humane Society

By the end of the day, 27 cats and dogs had found homes for the holidays and were able to celebrate Christmas with their new humans. Alex Watkins, marketing coordinator at the Forsyth Humane Society, told The Dodo,

“To be able to walk into work Friday morning and see a line of excited people waiting for our shelter to open was spectacular. The fact that this is one less barrier to get more animals out of the shelter and into homes was truly a Christmas miracle in our eyes.”

The very last sponsored animal, a cat named Mildred Foster with dental issues, went home within a week after adoptions started following the donation. The shelter was astounded at how quickly their animals were picked up and even posted a picture of their empty kennels, which is something every shelter dreams of.

Credit: Forsyth Humane Society

Not only did this donation help the animals on-site find forever homes, it also allowed the shelter to take in dozens of new animals that they pulled from high-kill shelters. Without this donation, there’s no telling how many of those lucky animals would have waited at their previous shelters and been euthanized.

Forsyth Humane Society was extremely grateful for the gift, as they work tirelessly to find homes for the animals in the surrounding areas. As a committed no-kill shelter, animals that enter the facility get to stay in their care until they find their forever homes. The humane society had a message for their donor, too:

“Thank you again to our anonymous donor; we promise to not stop working until they ALL have a home.”

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