Elderly Vegan Couple Ran a Marathon Every Day of 2013

By: Amanda Froelich,

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Did “run a marathon” make it on your 2014 resolution list? For many people, the idea of racing 26.2 miles is a daunting task which requires weeks of preparation and commitment. For a middle-aged couple in Australia, this was an every day occasion in 2013.

Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, recently broke world records with their ambitious journey running around the continent of Australia. Originally from New Zealand, the raw vegans ended their daily marathon journey with a 366th to their home in Melbourne.


Source: Running Raw Around Australia

Every morning, the two rose at 4 A.M. To continue their consecutive year of marathons with no days off. “How is this possible?” you may ask. The two committed low-fat, live food vegans have been consuming an “80/10/10”-inspired diet (by Dr. Douglas Graham) for optimal endurance and balanced health. According to the two aged, but extremely fit couple, consuming an abundance of high-nutrient laden, fresh, ripe, organic fruits and vegetables allows them to experience true happiness, make conscious choices that benefit the planet, and feel great.

A typical day’s worth of food for the couple could be consuming 10 bananas, a grapefruit, and a date smoothie for breakfast, then another 10 bananas at 8 a.m. While on their run, this bounty of fruit is then followed by a green smoothie at 9 a.m., a fruit salad at the 19-mile mark, and three oranges by the 23rd mile, before finishing their run by 4 p.m. Dinner would likely be an avocado, vegetable juice, and salad.

Alan and Janette ate up to 30 bananas a day as they completed an almost 16,000 km trek around Australia.
Source: Running Raw Around Australia

On their website, Running Raw Around Australia, a more in depth explanation behind their lifestyle and dietary choices is shared. This project was initially spawned to raise awareness and inspire conscious lifestyle choices for others. Money raised not only benefits their journey, but a variety of animal and human welfare groups. Because their reach continues to spread, especially with the promotion breaking the world record has invited, they are still accepting donations to benefit others.

Janette was once a cancer ‘victim’, but chose to turn her life around holistically. In her book “Raw Can Cure Cancer”, her inspirational journey is shared. Leading by example, their exemplary commitment and belief in sustainable, kind living is a beacon for all.

On December 31st, Janette and Alan ran their 365th marathon and finished with their children, grandchildren, and over 200 other onlookers. Other runners joined them for the leg of the final stretch, and it was said to have been an emotional event. “A very emotional moment and so wonderful to see them,” Alan and Janette commented on seeing their family. “We are quite overwhelmed with such a wonderful welcome.”

The next day, the final 26.2 miles was ran to break the new world record for the most consecutive marathons. According to their Facebook page, their year of running totaled 9,776.75 miles each. During this period, they braved a cyclone, floods, a bushfire, and a hail storm. In times of less-than-optimal weather, their routine was to take a vegetable smoothie break, wait a half an hour, and then continue.

Mr. Murray-Walker said she was looking forward to a break and planned to sleep in, garden, and spend time with her grandchildren – and then go running the next day. “You don’t stop something that works,” she told Fairfax Media.

Consuming an abundance of vitamins and minerals, these experienced and athletic raw vegans report to feeling better in their older age than they have before. While it may take time for the majority of individuals to accept such a dramatic shift of diet, Janette and Alan have, together, inspired millions of people to consider eating cleaner, live consciously, and consume more fruits and vegetables.


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