Elderly People React To Riding In Self-Driving Cars For The First Time [Watch]

Google is perfecting its self-driving cars, specifically to help elderly individuals get around. Watch how a few react to riding in one for the first time!

Credit: BuzzFeed

Credit: BuzzFeed

Times have changed, that’s a given. But take a moment to consider just how drastically different life is for those who were born in the 1920s and 1930s compared to how it is today.

In the past, hover boards, computers, and even the internet must have seemed like outlandish, far-fetched ideas. Yet today, most are manifested realities many of us take for granted.

Now, consider self-driving cars. Even a decade ago, one might have speculated that the population would have to wait a handful of years before even a prototype was invented – that’s no longer the case.

In fact, Google has already released a self-driving car and has vowed to perfect the models to specifically help elderly individuals get around without hassle. Of course, the rest of the population will likely be transported by self-driving vehicles within the next decade, but that’s another story

Recently, the chief executive of Google’s self-driving car program, John Krafcik, enlisted his 97-year-old mom, Marie, to ride in one of the company’s self-driving units. BuzzFeed News was also invited, therefore, two more individuals over the age of 60 also tagged along: John Hickman, 73, and Barry Barron, 65.

As you can view in the video below, the adventure was considered to be something of an epic ordeal by all involved:

Krafcik told BuzzFeed News:

“There are so many people with some level of disability who don’t have driver’s licenses, and really don’t have the opportunity for the personal mobility that we all take for granted. That’s one of the great benefits of self-driving cars. We can get all those folks from where they are to where they want to be.”

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