Elderly Man Knits 10,000 Socks For Homeless Using Homemade Machine [Watch]

This Canadian resident invented a machine that knits socks at a rapid pace. This year alone, he and a few friends have knit 2,000 socks for the homeless.

Credit: Julianne Hazlewood/CBC News

Those who dare competitive individuals will most likely find themselves surprised. Undoubtedly, a friend of 88-year-old Bob Rutherford is in shock after daring the Saskatoon resident to build a cheap knitting machine. Not only did Rutherford accomplish just that, he went on to knit 10,000 socks for homeless citizens with the invention.

CBC News reports that the innovative knitter used sewer tubing to construct two super-powered machines. Reportedly, they knit 90 stitches a second. According to Rutherford, “The wool comes in the door and I knit it.”

When Bob’s wife passed away seven years ago, he taught himself the art. One of the first items he created were socks!

“When my wife passed away in 2010, I felt the loss that everybody feels and had nothing to do,” said Rutherford. “[My son] said to me, ‘If you want to help yourself, help somebody else.'”

Credit: Julianne Hazlewood/CBC News

Now, an entire operation takes place in his living room. It’s called “Socks by Bob,” and the group is comprised of Bob, 92-year-old Glynn Sully, 85-year-old George Slater, and “youngster” Barney Sullivan”, who is approximately 65-years-old.

Once a week, the good samaritans join to cut the long tubes of wool into socks once they are fresh off the knitting machine. In the last year alone, the group has made more than 2,000 pairs of socks. Connecting with the members of the group is what inspires Rutherford to keep knitting. He explained:

“I think everybody has to have this. I think people have to reach out and touch other people. And I can do this by touching the socks.”

Credit: Julianne Hazlewood/CBC News

Rutherford’s son, Scott, helps raise money for the wool which is soon after transformed into socks. The articles of clothing are then passed out to the homeless, keeping thousands of less-fortunate individuals warm.

“[…]Socks by Bob has given me that something to do,” concludes Rutherford.

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