Elderly Man Dangerolusly Stuck in Road – Heartwarming Act of Kindness Ensues

wheelchairThis week, activist Bob Tuskin witnessed a 90-year-old man in a motorized wheelchair get stuck in the road?and get rescued by two bystanders. They lifted the man and his wheelchair and carried it to safety.

Bob was so moved by what he saw that he pulled over in hopes to get an interview with the man and the people who helped him out.

It turned out the wheelchair had some sort of electrical malfunction that they could not figure out how to fix. So unfortunately, the man would not be able to continue his trip to the store.

The assisted living home that the man?stays at would not pick him up, so the bystanders not only helped drive him back to his home but they also offered to go to the store for him as well.

In the end, the elderly man was safe and taken back to where lived, thanks to the help of a few bystanders who took the time to see if he was ok.

Would you have stopped to help if you saw this man stuck in the road?

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