Eight-Year-Old Gives Her Hot Meal To A Homeless Man, Then 2 Weeks Later THIS Happens

Thanks to an eight-year-old's generous heart, an estranged homeless man may soon reconnect with his family.


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Ella Scott had no idea her kindness would ripple out and affect millions when she offered a homeless man her dinner of steak and potatoes, but that’s exactly what happened. The video (below) shows the kind activist noticing a homeless man on the street as she and her father, Eddie Scott, dined at the Lallapalooza restaurant in Monterey, California.

With little hesitation, she asked her father if she could give her meal to the man who looked hungry. Of course, her father said yes. Soon after, he uploaded the video to Facebook which has been shared over 40 million times.

Eddie told the press:

“Ella has always had a big heart. Whenever we pass homeless people on the street, she always asks me for money to give to them.”

The good news doesn’t end there, however. Two weeks after Ella offered her dinner of steak and potatoes to the homeless man, Eddie received a phone call from Roseanna Salkowsi, a woman who informed him that the homeless man was her brother, David Salkowski. Today reports that David became estranged from the family when he fled Philadelphia six months prior. Apparently, he is a 62-year-old veteran with PTSD.

Now, the father-daughter duo is on a mission to reunite the brother and sister. Eddie wrote on Facebook:

“Ella learned an important lesson helping David. If anyone recognizes David please message me to reconnect brother and sister.”

Credit: Eddie Scott

Credit: Eddie Scott

No one could be more proud of Ella than her father. Eddie told Today:

“It’s unbelievable that what Ella did has touched so many people and will also hopefully connect the brother and sister.”

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