Edward Snowden Taunts Donald Trump For Refusing To Debate Bernie Sanders

“Who would have imagined Donald Trump’s greatest fear was an economic debate,” tweeted Edward Snowden.

Credit: MangoFeed

Credit: MangoFeed

Edward Snowden may be lying low outside of the United States, but the former National Security Agency subcontractor has been watching the presidential race from afar.

And, like many Americans – and spectators around the globe, he was annoyed when Donald Trump backed out of his declaration that he would debate Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders.

Snowden, who is best known for leaking top secret information about NSA surveillance activities, tweeted:

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.43.01 AM

Bernie Sanders, too, asked the business tycoon “What are you afraid of?”

Trump went a measly two days before he backed out of the event millions of Americans were looking forward to. He said it “seems inappropriate’ to debate the “second-place finisher.”


But let’s not forget, it’s not yet over for Bernie Sanders. If he wins over more delegates than Hillary in California, there is a slim chance he could tie the former Secretary of State and still secure the Democratic nomination.

One might speculate that as the presidential race continues, Snowden – and other activists – will continue to draw attention to both candidates’ cowardly moves through snarky social media posts.

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