Eco-Friendly Micro-Café Purifies The Air And Recycles Coffee Grounds Into Flowers

Watch out, Starbucks. This is the world's smartest, smallest, and greenest cafe, a product of the "fastest growing food franchise ever."

Lookout, Starbucks. Wheelys micro-café, a bicycle-based pop-up coffee shop that can be transported to java-loving customers, has unveiled an impressive new eco-friendly model.

According to Treehugger, the ‘ecological café bike’ is one of the world’s smallest cafes. In addition, it has undergone massive revision over the past two year so it’s now more appealing than ever.

The new model is called the Green Warrior, and it’s as intriguing as the name sounds. The design is packed with many features, including a triple burner stove, a 3-basin sink with running water, a small solar panel (no specs), LED lights, a water heater, an audio system, a fridge, a 3G WiFi router and a digital display.

Of course, the mobile café also includes all the coffee-making equipment.

Credit: Wheelys

Credit: Wheelys

In addition, each unit can be outfitted with a mini wind turbine and an integrated air purifier which reportedly “actually CLEANS the air from smog particles.”

A final, notable feature is that  the Green Warrior turns recycled coffee grounds “into small soil cubes packed with flower seeds, which we plant on the way to work.” No joke. 

Few specs are mentioned concerning battery storage for powering all the electronic gizmos, but that could be a minor oversight.

At present, the developers are raising funds to launch the Green Warrior via crowdfunding. Impressively, in just three days, the company doubled its initial goal.

Credit: Wheelys

Credit: Wheelys

As the campaign states, individuals interested in running their own “Starbucks Killer” bike café can reserve theirs for a pledge of $4,999. That’s a pretty affordable franchise, considering the cost to start a Starbucks is around $500,000.

In the right location, says the company, one could rake in as much as $700 – $1,000. With the Wheelys franchise being the “fastest growing food franchise ever,” it could be an intelligent investment –  for the right javapreneur.

Credit: Wheelys

Credit: Wheelys
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