Earthships: The Basics

If you´ve heard of them but weren´t really paying attention, here´s class 101

Here at True Activist we´re big fans of Earthships, and most of you will know something about them too. If not, let´s define them like this: A passive solar home, made of natural and recycled materials, with thermal mass construction for natural temperature stabilization. Earthships use renewable energy & integrated water systems, meaning they have little (or no) utility bills. They are designed with sustainability in mind, using a combination of recycled materials, biology and architecture.

Has that peaked your interest? Maybe, but if you´re anything like me, all that trawling through information on the internet can be daunting. This short five minute video covers all the basics of Earthship building, so that those of us who are thinking about taking the next step and getting together the materials to go ahead and build these amazing eco-homes can get a good general idea of how to go about it. Earthships, we predict, are the future. And once you´ve watched this video, you´ll understand why.

More True Activist articles on Earthships and their benefits- as well as ones you´ll wish you lived in- can be found here, here and here (all links open in a new page). Enjoy!

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