Drug Enforcement Agency Administrator Admits That He Is “Not An Expert on Drugs”

dsChuck Rosenberg, the current administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency, recently said that marijuana is “probably” less dangerous than heroin, and then went on to admit that he’s “not an expert.”

On Tuesday, Rosenberg said that If you want me to say that marijuana’s not dangerous, I’m not going to say that because I think it is. Do I think it’s as dangerous as heroin? Probably not. I’m not an expert,” adding, “Let me say it this way: I’d rather be in a car accident going 30 miles an hour than 60 miles an hour, but I’d prefer not to be in a car accident at all.”

First of all, it is blatantly obvious that marijuana is far less dangerous than heroin, heroin is one of the most problematic and addictive drugs on the planet, while marijuana is more or less benign by comparison. Also, it must be incredibly embarrassing for the acting leader of the DEA to admit that he doesn’t even know what he is talking about, and that he is not an expert in the field that he is suppose to be in charge of.

Prohibitions of any kind should be opposed, for the reasons I have laid out in the past. However, marijuana is of a specific immediate importance, though because of its ability to heal sick people and create more environmentally friendly industrial products. It is also one of the safest drugs known to our species.

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks called attention to Rosenbergs blunder on a recent episode of his show:

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