Drone Captures Terrifying Footage Of Orcas Hunting Minke Whale Off Russia’s Coast

It's rare for scientists to capture a hunt such as this one on film.

From a distance, orcas appear to be majestic and intelligent creatures. While they certainly are that, orcas are also terrifying when on a hunt. Drone footage captured off the coast of Russia is evidence of this.

As Daily Mail reports, the mammal-eating orcas can be seen mercilessly attacking a minke whale in the Avacha Gulf, southeast of Kamchatka. Filmed by the Far East Russia Orca Project on June 25, 2017, the footage shows the group of orcas tracking the whale before they attack and eat it.

Reportedly, it is a rare occurrence to catch footage of such a hunt, as there are only about 200 carnivorous orcas of the kind in the region. Watch the astonishing video below:

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