Drink Coffee And Cuddle Adoptable Dogs At America’s First Dog Cafe

At this Los Angeles-based cafe, prospective pup parents - or canine lovers - can interact with adoptable dogs while sipping coffee.


Credit: The Dog Cafe

Cat cafes have been a popular hit in many countries around the world, but only recently have dog cafes gained traction as a plausible spin-off.

In case you haven’t visited a cat cafe, they’re basically the perfect outlet to indulge one’s coffee addiction, sweet tooth, and cat infatuation. The first one opened in Tapei, Taiwan, in 1998, and since then, thousands have sprung up elsewhere.

The easy-going demeanor of cats, partnered with coffee and cake, have made most cafes of the sort successful ventures. But would the same work with dogs as the main attraction?

Entrepreneur Sarah Wolfgang had a feeling that people would warm up to the idea just as easily as they have with cat cafes, therefore, launched the United States’ FIRST canine cafe, located in Los Angeles, California.

She told Bark Post:

“It’s a spin on the dog & cat cafes in other countries, but ours is unique in that our dogs are all in need of homes, and only stay with us until they’re adopted. Our mission is to pull abandoned dogs who are being overlooked at shelters and place them in a happier environment where visitors can see them in their true light.”

The ultimate aim of The Dog Café is to “revolutionize dog adoption by reinventing the way people connect with rescues,” states the shop’s official press release.

Rather than invite the public to snoop around kennels at an animal shelter, it instead gets people close and personal with the pups who need homes. Reportedly, the relaxed atmosphere of the cafe also eliminates nearly all undesirable behavior usually exhibited by stressed shelter dogs.

And, of course, it’s a way for dog enthusiasts who can’t adopt – or just aren’t ready – to enjoy the company of canines while they sip their morning java.


According to the business’s website, a number of dogs have found amazing homes, thanks to the cafe which offers a “unique” shelter environment for prospective pup parents to bond with furry friends.

If you think the process to adopt is easy, however, think again.

Wolfgang explains that what begins as a casual meet-and-greet evolves into a mini-interview, followed by an adoption application. Potential adopters are then reviewed to ensure that they can offer a dog a lifelong home.

A “mini home check” is even conducted on the same day the dog is to be delivered. A “trial run” of a couple of weeks makes sure the fit is good for both the dog and its new family. Then, the adoption process is finalized.

Credit: The Dog Cafe

Credit: The Dog Cafe

“The whole adoption process from start to finish can take up to 1 month. We understand to some that this may be a lengthy process, but to us it helps us ensure each dog that we place in a new home is going to their perfect forever home,” says Wolfgang.

The cafe might not be conventional, but it’s proving to be a successful method of matching prospective pup parents with adoptable dogs. Plus – imagine how much fun it’d be to visit!


If you’re in the LA area and have an intense craving for caffeine and canines, check out The Dog Café at 240 N. Virgil Ave. The shop’s hours post-grand opening will be Tuesday–Sunday, 11 A.M.–7P.M. $10 per human per hour gets you a complimentary drink (or discount on specialty beverages) and a whole lotta puppy love. For more info on reservations, click on over to the Dog Café’s website!

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