Donald Trump’s So-Called Energy Policy Is Bad News For The Entire Planet

The Republican nominee not only discredits climate change is real, he intends to bring back the world's dirtiest fuel and undermine previous efforts geared toward sustainability.

Credit: RawStory

Credit: RawStory

Like most Conservative Republicans, U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump is skeptical that climate change exists. In fact, he thinks the entire thing is ?bullshit,? ?a con job?, and ?a total hoax? – despite leading scientists proving otherwise.

As a result, the Republican presidential nominee intends to ignore the facts while worsening the very real threat of global warming. EcoWatch reports that he will do this in a variety of ways, and the effects will completely undermine previous efforts to reduce carbon output and preserve the planet for future generations.

First, the business tycoon wants to undermine U.S. leadership by ?renegotiating? the historic Paris climate agreement. As you might remember, President Obama and other global leaders did something remarkable when they agreed to meet in Paris and meet America?s climate challenge. If elected President, Trump will be sure to negotiate away American global leadership and do irreparable damage to the world.

He told Reuters:

?At a minimum. I will be renegotiating those agreements, at a minimum. And at a maximum I may do something else.?

Credit: washingtonpost.com

Credit: washingtonpost.com

The next thing Trump wants to do is bring back coal, the world?s dirtiest fuel, according to his party?s environment and energy agenda. Reportedly, he wants to open mines to boost the economy.

?We?re gonna put the miners back to work. We?re gonna put the miners back to work. We?re gonna get those mines open,? he said.

Bloomberg News explains, however, how that notion is completely wrong:

?While two years of crashing prices for oil, natural gas and coal triggered dramatic downsizing in those industries, renewables have been thriving. Clean energy investment broke new records in 2015 and is now seeing twice as much global funding as fossil fuels.?

In fact, the largest U.S. coal company just filed for bankruptcy – one of the 50 coal-industry bankruptcies since 2012. Green, clean energy is the future. Trump?s plan is for humanity to regress and cause more harm to the planet.

Credit: EcoWatch

Credit: EcoWatch

According to the potential president?s energy plan, he would also do away with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – endangering peoples? health and safety as the organization is responsible for keeping the air safe to breathe and the water safe to drink.

A segment from an interview with Chris Wallace follows:

Donald Trump: No, I?m not cutting services, but I?m cutting spending. But I may cut Department of Education ? Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace. Every week they come out with new regulations.

Chris Wallace: Who is going to protect the environment?

Donald Trump: We?ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit.

It is imperative to remember that Donald Trump is first and foremost a business man. He?s driven by money – not by equality or validated concerns, such as climate change. In effect, his priorities are misguided and do not serve the majority of the population or the environment.

After all, he has personally caused environmental damage for his many golf courses and resorts – not caring what effect it had on neighboring communities. In Scotland, for example, one luxury development left the local community without water for years.

Is this the man Americans really want as their next leader?

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