Donald Trump: Backed By Vladimir Putin And Now, Kim Jong-Un

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have probably the most interesting ménage à trois in politics.

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It’s no secret that for some reason, Donald Trump is a frontrunner in the U.S. presidential race. No matter how big of an imbecile he becomes in front of Americans’ eyes with his out-of-this-world policies – one that includes a strange immigration approach, less protection for the environment, and his propensity to bring back fossil fuels as a main energy source – things that would make any sane man cringe, majority of the voting population seem to be keen on voting for him still once the race to become President of the United States officially kicks off this fall.

What’s interesting is the fact that Trump seems to be attracting vile foreign dictators as well. After Russian leader Vladimir Putin has publicly made it clear that he is for Donald Trump, another one of the world’s most diabolical monsters has followed suit with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un expressing his approval of America’s blonde-haired political neanderthal.

According to a report from the Korean Business News Daily, the ruler of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is supporting Donald Trump after watching the Democrat debate on TV. From an alleged statement coming from the DPRK government, it says that ”the Supreme Leader closely weighed and measured the talents all of the U.S. candidates and gave them all careful consideration. Supreme Leader has considered all of the choices and has named Donald Trump the official candidate of the DPRK.”

This was after Russian ruler Vladimir Putin has said that Trump is ”a very lively man, talented without doubt,” whom he can definitely ”get along with” following Trump praising Putin’s accomplishments and leadership while saying that he ”would get along with Putin.”

And if you’re wondering why Trump is getting so much love from these two guys, you should know that both Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un don’t really see Trump as their equal. Like some Americans, they see Trump as an easy mark, a fool that can be easily dealt with, one who thinks he’s smart enough to run a country but at the end of the day – be soft enough to fold once the Russians or these North Koreans come over.

The fact that Trump is willing to pull American troops in Western Europe, South Korea, and Japan once elected should make both Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un giddy, even for just a little bit. Both of these guys will play the part of Trump’s best friends for now but once an opportunity opens up, not a single one of Trump’s celebrity apprentices would be able to save America.

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