Dog Rescues Kittens Dumped On a Road

Kind pooch drags abandoned kittens home to his owner

Sometimes animals can show more compassion and emotional intelligence than human beings, and here is one feel-good video that proves it once again.

When somebody dumped 5 kittens in a bag and left them on a road with oncoming traffic, their chances of survival were slim. Some of the cats didn´t make it, but along came a heroic dog named Reagan, who came to their rescue. This inspirational dog dragged the bag out of the road and all the way home, where he whined until his owner opened it up to find two kittens- Tipper and Skipper- still alive and well.

“The instinct of the dog was to nurture and not kill,” says a rescue worker at the sanctuary where they were later taken. The kittens were weak and had to be bottle-fed every two hours, but Tipper and Skipper made a full recovery and were later fostered.

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