DNC Staffer Murdered After Being Revealed As The Source Of DNC Email Leaks

He'll never "be able to one day tell people that I mattered."

Credit: Seth Rich

Credit: Seth Rich

Seth Rich, a 27-year-old data analyst working for the Democratic National Committee, was murdered near his home on July 10th in what officials are calling a “botched robbery,” but many people have some unanswered questions about what really occurred that night.

For starters, though the exact corner where he was shot in the back and left for dead was the same site as two armed robberies in the past, why is it that his wallet, phone, watch, and keys were all left on his person? Additionally, he appeared to be badly beaten, and investigators are saying this is a sign that he fought with his assailant prior to his death, but this prolonged contact with his attacker apparently did not yield any relevant DNA evidence.

The most suspicious part of Rich’s murder is the timing. Approximately one week later, WikiLeaks unleashed a plethora of emails exchanged at the DNC that were so damaging that several of the top DNC members, including the Chair, CEO, and Financial Officer, all resigned in the wake of the scandal.

Though the release happened after Rich’s death, WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange had been dropping hints for quite some time as to this leak’s content, meaning the source had likely handed over the information some time before it was released.

Assange himself has hinted that Seth was the source of the email leak, but has not confirmed this.

“Whistleblowers often take very significant efforts to bring us material and often at very significant risks,” Assange said in an interview with a Dutch television show. “There’s a 27-year-old who works for the DNC and who was shot in the back, murdered, just a few weeks ago, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the streets in Washington.”

Why else would he mention Seth’s death immediately after saying that whistleblowers often take huge risks? He went on to say,

“I am suggesting that our sources take risks and they become concerned to see things occurring like that.”

Credit: @MarinaMarraco

Credit: @MarinaMarraco

To further this evidence, WikiLeaks has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of someone involved in Rich’s murder. This reward will be matched by popular, but controversial, author Mike Cernovich.

Before his death, there is about an hour and a half in which Rich’s whereabouts are unaccounted for. The last time anyone remembers seeing him is at 1:45am, when he left his favorite bar, which was closing, to allegedly head to another bar that closed at 2:30. Gunshot sounds that lead police to his dead body near his home were not heard until 4:19, causing many to question what occurred between 2:30 and 4:19.

An article by The Daily Mail about the conspiracy surrounding his death said there is “as much as an hour and a half between the bars and the shooting unaccounted for.”

After an article was published that questioned whether the spokesperson for Rich’s death was hired to shut down conspiracy theories, a prominent member of the Democratic Party privately contacted the author and told him that he was “on the money” about Rich’s murder and the theories. According to the source, a cover-up was definitely taking place.

In an email draft, Rich had written this:

“All my life, I’ve only wanted to make a difference so that I might be able to one day tell people that I mattered.”

It’s not clear who Rich intended to send this to, but it’s tragic that the striving young analyst was never able to achieve this.

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