Disturbing Video Exposes How Goats Are Treated In The Dairy Industry [Watch]

Stunning images from inside a large-scale dairy farm illustrate the massive use of goats in milk production.

Just last week, True Activist readers were informed about the compromising effects of consuming dairy??from cows. Not only is cow?s milk mucus-forming and difficult to digest by the majority of the population, large-scale dairy farms treat female bovine cruelly by keeping them impregnated and living in cramped conditions.

Those who are lactose-intolerant or detest animal cruelty believe milk from goats is a much better alternative and to an extent, they?re right. Humans digest goat milk products much better than bovine dairy, but that?s about where the benefits end.

Goats in modern milking facilities suffer similarly to cows. In addition to being separated from their kids after giving birth, they live in cramped enclosures as is evident in the video above. What happens to the offspring? Like cows, the females endure the same fate as their mothers while the male babies are murdered for meat.

One Green Planet eloquently relays the fate of goats in modern facilities:

?As we see, goats experience the same robot-like existence as their bovine friends. On these?industrial dairy farms, animals are crammed in by the thousand and essentially become milk-producing machines. There is an absolute disregard that these are sentient beings that feel pleasure and pain, just like us. They are injected with?hormones and antibiotics that allow them to produce around 10 times the amount of milk they would normally and kept in sheds where they have little to no access to the outdoors.?

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See via Facebook

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See via Facebook

You can make a difference for animals like these goats by opting to consume dairy-free milk?whenever possible. A plethora of nut and seed milk options are now sold in most grocery stores, or you can even make your own. If you feel you can?t live without dairy and enjoy the potential health benefits of goat milk, be sure to source moderate amounts from a farm that respects and treats its wildlife well. In addition, consume products not tainted by hormones or antibiotics for optimal health.

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