Disturbing Footage Shows Dirty Polar Bear Collapsing In Zoo Enclosure [Watch]

New footage reveals what might be the most miserable polar bear in the world.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

For a long time, a polar bear named Arturo was deemed to be the ?loneliest polar bear? in the world. This is because the mammal was forced to endure life in Argentina – where temperatures often meet 100 degrees F – in a sad cement enclosure.

Despite activists? efforts to return him to a cold climate where he might thrive, he never was freed from his depressing enclosure and died last month due to ?complications from old age.?? While that catastrophe is not excusable, there is another polar bear that could use some help, and he?s presently located at the Belgrade Zoo in Serbia.

The video below shows what might now be deemed the ?world?s most miserable polar bear?. Emaciated and covered in filth (what some suspect to be feces), the polar bear drags himself on the stone floor of his enclosure, as his back legs seemed to have collapsed beneath him. The entire time, his movements are weak and shaky.

Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, told The Dodo:

“It’s clear just from that video that that polar bear has sustained some sort of injury or some sort of muscle atrophy that’s making it hard to even stand. That also means there’s going to be pain when that animal tries to stand, or walk, or even, ultimately, lie down.?

A clear example of animal abuse, many are confused as to why the polar bear is still in the zoo’s custody (or why the establishments still exist at all, given the fact that only a minority of the animals are kept for conservation purposes).

According to Roberts,

?There are some species that are completely ill-suited to life in a zoo, and among them are large carnivores such as lions, tigers or polar bears, or other large mammals such as elephants. They often end up in deplorable conditions and alone.?

Unfortunately, the polar bear doesn?t seem to be the only animal suffering at the Belgrade Zoo. Footage captured by ORPAK Krusevac (below) reveals a lion pacing back and forth in a sunken, fenced-in enclosure.

One individual reviewed the zoo and wrote that she ?walked out crying.? That doesn?t sound like a family-friendly facility.

At present, little can be done to help either animal until more information is known about the bear and where he?s being kept. Until change can take place, however, activists like Roberts hope that the footage inspires people to think twice about supporting zoological establishments – especially those that keep large animals like polar bars in sub-standard conditions.

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