Disturbing: Burger King Admits Burgers Contain Horsemeat

In a piece of highly disturbing news, Burger King has now admitted after continuous denial that it has actually been selling UK customers both burgers and Whoppers that contain horsemeat. This admission comes just after The Guardian reports that Burger King reps offered a round of ‘absolute assurances’ to customers that it did not ever use horsemeat in its products.

A series of tests done on the burger products now reveal that Burger King has been issuing completely phony statements, with burgers made for the fast food chain from the Irish company Silvercrest containing measurable levels of horsemeat. It’s important to note this is the same company that processes meat for Tesco, Asda, and the Co-op. The managers at Silvercrest have been revealed to be utilizing non-approved ingredients within their burger assortment – even for ‘household brands’.

Burger King Admits to Horsemeat in Whoppers, Burgers

Burger King admitted just a few hours ago that the samples did in fact contain horsemeat:

“Four samples recently taken from the Silvercrest plant have shown the presence of very small trace levels of equine DNA… we have established that Silvercrest used a small percentage of beef imported from a non-approved supplier in Poland. This is a clear violation of our specifications, and we have terminated our relationship with them.”

It is not yet clear which of these top brands could be containing such concerning ingredients as horse meat and other ‘meat cut offs’. What is known is that tens of thousands of burgers from suppliers like Silvercrest and others in Germany have been shipped into Burger King alone to meet demand just in the UK. According to the Daily Mail report on the study results, the horsemeat contamination can be traced back to a full year, or at least since last May.

The investigation into this issue started after the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found that burgers out of Ireland contained horsemeat. The disturbing findings highlight yet another reason not to consumer fast food, which contains a host of problematic substances such as ingredients banned in other nations.


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  1. Horsemeat or beef, who cares. Both are murder and bad for your health.

    • lmao meat is MURDERRRR

    • Veggie’s are alive too! SALAD IS MURDER!

    • Jay feels sad for animals that are killed for no real proper reason

      Here here! It causes acidity in the system and that causes inflammation which leads to various illnesses. The studies are all out there to read. Also, someone once described eating meat to choosing a cremation ground for your stomach! Just as an animal is about to die, minutes before it is consumed by fear which tenses up it’s muscles and creates acid within it’s system. Meat eaters, you are consuming a poor animals fear….. so sad!

    • JoJo The Tireman

      And their fear is delicious!

    • I agree. What’s the difference between eating a cow and a horse..? They both feel pain, suffering and have strong emotions just like humans. If you’re gonna kill one and find it acceptable, why not the other?

    • murder ???

    • you are right,not only that but meat is meat,and just beacouse we have become accustome to eating chicken,cown,pig,fish,rabbit,deer,frog,turtle,rabbit ect.so what,horse meat,dog meat? whatever..its an animal,it just seem s”gross” to us….sometimes you bite into something delicious and then a person tells you “oh yeah……..i forgot to tell you,thats bull testicles…”….

  2. Horsemeat is actually pretty healthy to eat, if you can get past the image of a filly’s kind, soulful eyes looking at you. The meat is lean, finely textured, slightly sweet, rich in protein, and tender. Even better, horses are immune to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease).

  3. Whats wrong with horse meat?

  4. I don’t really trust news outlets that tell me, in the headline, what I’m supposed to think about the story. This website should be called truealarmist.com

    • It’s only disturbing, because under Burger King’s nutrition site and ingredients it says “beef”. No where does it say “horse meat” or anything of the kind. Just beef. Hence why it’s disturbing. False advertising.

  5. Seems more of a cultural issue than a health issue really. Horse-meat is perfectly acceptable as food in some places. Granted, they KNOW that they’re eating horse-meat while BK’s customers were clearly lied to.

    • Just watched that show on the Travel Channel – Andrew Zimmern, the chef who eats all the weird and bizarre foods. Today, he was chomping down on camel burgers; he had even witnessed the killing and butchering of the camel. He was raving on and on about how sweet the meat was, but the liver was a bit “gamey”. The testicles apparently were “succulent”! I guess it’s all a matter of culture…

  6. It’s really not about the horsemeat. It’s the fact that when you eat at these awful places, you simply don’t know *what* is in your food. We’ve become a society where it is not just okay, but encouraged, to let Processed McFranchise feed you. The culture of making our own food, or knowing where it came from & who prepared it, has disappeared. It’s why we’re sick & fat. Other countries, where they retain a Real Food culture, don’t worry about these things to the extent we do.

  7. Guess you guys have never heard of The Smiths.

  8. So what if there is horse meat in their burgers…why do animals eaters, have a do and do not eat list? Why is not disturbing to eat cows? As a person who does not eat animals, I am confused by the hierarchy. The big issue with fast food is the over processed ingredients, the high fat, salt and sugar contain.

  9. I love horse meat lol its one of th ebetterr food u can have lol go to ur butcher ad let him grind it and make horse beef burgers lol itll be the best u ever tasted lol

  10. I agree with Sandra, what’s scandalous about it, for meat eaters? why should be a crime to eat a human baby? Just because law doesn’t allow it? It makes no sense. Or everything, or nothing. I chose Nothing (no meat, dairy, eggs and honey) and I’m living a clean, respectful life.

    • Okay, Anja, you missed the boat the “why should (SIC) be a crime to eat a human baby?” Because there is a huge morality issue with cannibalism and carnivorism. Huge difference.

  11. I love people who push there beliefes on others…I have nothing agains vegitarians or vegans, however the ones I know will still go to a resturant where meat is served sit at the same table with people eating meat and not get all upset. Eating meat is not right for them…but someone else it may be what is needed. I could never be vegan or a vegitarian. I am animic…and its not corrected by suplements due to how my body breaks down supplaments. I need Iron and what better to get Iron from than STEAK…I knwo leafy greens but its still not enough do you realize how much leafy greens I would have to eat to get my daily dose of iron when by body produces no iron…LOL…also protine supplements I couldnt do going back to the way my body treats them…and I am not the only one having issues. Afriend of mine was veggitarian started getting really sick throwing up horrible migranes was taking suppliments to balance out her body with the diet she had. She went to the dr and she was sick due to not eating meat got told if seh didnt start over time it would kill her. Oh and another friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer did you know if you try to go through treatments for cancer not eating meat that could kill you too…comon its not all about morality it is your choice and its ok for you to choose to not eat meat or anything that comes from meat. But dont bash people who dont cause who knows when a medical issue may force you to eat meat or pass away a slow painful and not so pleasent death!!!
    Then what would you just keep not eating meat and pretty much preform suicide since you knwo it will kill you…or would you eat meat and go against everything you are talking crap to others for doing!! We were made…alot of us eat meat…its not immoral, its not wrong, its choice…and no i dont eat horse or dog or cat…those are pets, cows are bread for meat, deers bear, and other wild game are shot for food in the wild. Pets are something we can take into our homes teach tricks, and become compainions with …why eat them…

  12. the point is they feed us trash and get away with it. your stupid kids’ll probably be talking about how great rat meat is and aren’t we lucky the rich let us live.

  13. I have eaten Moose, Elk, Deer…Horse would be no different to me…knowing in advance would be nice though.

  14. The government used to feed us UK school kids beef from sources that was ‘mechanically recovered meat’ and included contaminated spinal chord and from stock feed pellets derived from sheep with the same condition. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12501956 – we are living in Australia and now banned from donating blood or other transplants (even to family) because of the unknown implications of dormant BSE. This possibly affected millions of school children.

  15. So, whats your answer to the dilemma of what the real world is about…scientifically humans are omnivores. If the vegans got their way and banned animal products altogether, the world would be over-run with starving cattle and people within a couple of years, all the rainforests would have been chopped down for crops and people would not be getting the protein they need. Dont talk to me about Soy protein ether,it has been well proven that Soy changes the hormone balance, particularily in men, destroying testosterone and raising estrogen…Human beings are Omnivores, deal with it! what you talk about equates to Arrogance, and a disconnect with the natural world.

  16. suck my dick u veggie fucks I can eat what I like… if thats true there fear tastes good fag

  17. Save a horse, eat a vegetarian.

  18. This is why eating horse meat sucks !


  19. I mean people eat pigs so I dont know what the big deal is. I’d rather eat a horse than a pig.

  20. I can justify my meat eating with a single word. BACON!

  21. and that is what is wrong in this case. not eating meat but not knowing what kind of meat your putting in. Btw I agree with you :)

  22. people have been eating all sorts without their knowledge for years and occasionally they get to hear about it and many not bothered anyway

  23. i don’t care if what you eat is pig or horse, it’s still an animal, it has a life and it’s up to each one them to dicide about their lives. so don’t be shocked about the kind of meat you eat but the fact you eat meat.

  24. Hey horse is a leaner protein than beef, so who cares!

  25. if ur gonna be a vegetarian shut up about it no one cares at all, a lot of you veggie idiots are worse than bible humpers

  26. Serves all you idiots right….horsemeat contains all the wormers, antibiotics and all kinds of performance drugs and topical ointments and they all cause cancer!!! They are known and warned carcinogenic drugs. Ha! Horses are not tested to be safe for you…they arent raised to eat, so hence..no testing…LOL..yeah,right, the food industry will tell you all of this, and stupid people will eat anything!!….dont worry…haaaahahahaa….good…keep eating it suckers!!!

  27. Suggested reading: Secret Life of Plants

  28. Yup, this just motivates me more to stay away…

  29. Horsemeat is healtyer than any Soy product so what?

  30. the point is that they are lying and misrepresenting their product…

  31. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the double-standard of being fine with beef but not with horse-meat. Although Nikken makes a good point. And Chad Keeble. This site needs to chill out.

  32. This is lazy journalism. I don’t think it’s healthy to distract people from the fact that major food suppliers have been using meat that is not fit for human consumption. There is a very good reason we don’t eat horse meat… we don’t rear horses for food! Therefore, horses are given drugs that are banned from use in food-grade livestock due to the drugs toxicity to humans. Phenylbutazone, or ‘Bute’ is an anti-inflammatory given to sick or injured horses but causes aplastic anaemia and suppression of white blood cell production in humans. This drug has already been found in horse contaminated ‘beef’ products and only goes to highlight the fact that it is mainly sick or injured horses that are slaughtered for food due to a lack of horses that are actually reared for this purpose. It is not healthy to eat sick animals!
    This article cites a study of the toxicity of the ‘e-cig filler, Propylene Glycol in PREMATURE BABIES!! 1. I can’t see many pre-borns grabbing a Crappy D’s on the way out of intensive care. 2. Pretty much anything we EAT is toxic to premature babies as unfortunately although naturally they struggle even to digest their own mother’s milk!!
    How about getting to the truth about where these ‘horses’ are really coming from.
    Why would Ireland, with it’s big horse-racing industry and their own lame animals to put down decide to import horse meat?
    How many of the samples contain Bute?
    Why aren’t they testing for dog meat, cat meat etc. as I wonder what happens to the thousands of strays that are put down each year as well as all the abused and neglected animals that the authorities conviscate. Are they paying to have them buried or cremated or are they profiting from their use as meat?
    I think this scandal could be bigger than they will have us believe.

  33. I like horse meat its a hell of alot better than pink slime and really why is that bad?

  34. They may as well be putting horseshit in Burger King, Mcdonalds burgers. They are so full of crap. Horse meat or Cow meat – it is all mindless torture of a living being.

  35. Oh, Wilbur….. What’s the world coming to……??
    Join all the PETA folks…P-eople E-ating T-asty A-nimals {:~)

  36. If large corporations didn’t put so much pressure on their supplies to produce product at such a minimum cost then suppliers wouldn’t feel the pressure to source materials elsewhere. Pay fair prices for what you want and you’ll get what you pay for!

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