Disabled Man Couldn?t Find A Job Because Of His Service Dog. Then THIS Happened!

A man and his service dog were having a tough time finding a job. Then, this establishment stepped up and hired them both!

Credit: Lowes

Credit: Lowes Canada

A man located in Saskatchewan, Canada, was having a difficult time finding a job, not due to a previous brain injury, but because he relies heavily on the assistance of a support dog. As might be expected, few businesses find excitement in having a canine on the premises or around customers.

Fortunately, a Lowes establishment in the city doesn?t discriminate against service pets?and recently hired the pair. To the delight of social media followers, the new employee and his support dog, Blue, were introduced on Facebook.

Lowes announced:

“A recent hire is a gentleman that was having difficulty finding employment because of a brain injury and a support dog. So we did what Lowe’s does best: we hired him and outfitted Blue, our customer service canine, with his very own vest!?

Blue even received his own name tag!


The pair was having a difficult time finding a job due to circumstances out of their control. Thankfully, Lowes stepped up and welcomed both.

One commenter spoke for many when they wrote:

“Way to spread compassion and employment. Hope other companies follow along with you to help those with special circumstances.?


Another affirmed that the business is one to support:

?I am proud to be a LOWE’S customer and even more proud of the decision you made to hire this man. Many more could be helped if businesses took the approach you took. These dogs are well trained and usually pose no problem to a business that may hire their owners. Hats off to you folks for setting a standard!?

Compassionate deeds are often rewarded in unexpected ways. Since the announcement was made, nearly 50,000 people have ?liked’ the post and 20,000 have shared the uplifting news. That’s the kind of promotion you can’t buy!

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