Disabled Goldfish Receives Tiny Life Jacket From Kind Man To Stay Afloat

When four-year-old Einstein developed a "swim bladder" infection, his compassionate caretaker rigged him a neat device to stay afloat.

Similar to the kitten who received a 3D printed wheelchair, this tiny goldfish with a lifejacket is beyond adorable.

When Einstein, the cute fish seen in the video above, got a “swim bladder” infection, he could barely wriggle about. 

Rather than give him the big flush, his owner, Leighton Naylor, got innovative and designed him an underwater “life jacket” from recycled tubing.

Naylor and Einstein have a close bond, so it makes sense neither were willing to give up when faced with a challenge. Einstein is actually trained to perform tricks when directed, and can do things such as swim through hoops.

Credit: Leighton Naylor

Credit: Leighton Naylor

The compassionate innovator is not the first individual to build such a contraption: other people have made mobility devices for their aquatic friends using materials like cork and tubing.

However, no act of kindness is ever too small, and this pleasing success is definitely worth celebrating.

“People can be dismissive of goldfish as pets,” Naylor, who resides in Blackpool, England told “But they are intelligent animals, as Einstein proves.”

Four-year-old Einstein seems quite pleased with his new rig and is “one happy fish,” as his caretaker comments. Never doubt the genius of these creatures; after all, goldfish have an attention span one second longer than most humans.

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