Did the French President Just Call out the Illuminati for Attacking Paris?

Grief is a very prevalent emotion around the world right now. From the massacred scene of Nigeria to the shocked streets of Paris, it seems a bounty of violence has recently made headlines, and large numbers of people are not only grieving, but demanding answers for who is responsible.

In reply regarding the Paris shooting, the president of the wounded city made a declaration that may actually provide a covert tip of who is likely responsible for the tragedy. President Francois Hollande (as can be viewed in the video above), said the following controversial lilsne:

“Those who have committed those actions: those terrorists, those illuminés, those fanatics, have nothing to do with Islam.”

If Islam extreme terrorists are not to blame for the horrific incident, then who is? A hint may have been given within the context of his statement.

Illuminé seems to be the choice term which could have two different meanings – depending on the interpreter or the audience. From French to English, illuminé is translated to mean ‘illuminated’. Two possible definitions follow:

The first could mean someone who is a crazy fanatic. This would be the obvious translation, but then right after the president says, “ces illuminés”, why does he say “ces fanatiques”, meaning “these fanatics”.

Why would the president repeat the same word if he didn’t intend for them to have two different meanings?

The second interpretation would refer to the Illuminati which most people are aware of by now. This is the group responsible for crimes, Bilderburg, the New World Order, population control, and Agenda 21.

If Illuminati is covert term for “illuminé”, it would seem that the president chose his words for a particular reason… either to communicate with a target audience, or to protect himself from a possible retaliation caused by exposing his and others’ suspicion.

According to an anonymous source, the Illuminati also use the word illuminé to refer to members in public without other people understanding it as it is a ‘secret code’.

One more relevant and interesting fact, is that the Latin definition of ‘illuminati’ literally means those who are ‘awake’ to such evil presence in the world and its doings. Awake, as in ‘enlightened’ or ‘illuminated’ to the knowing of what is really going on beyond what mainstream media portrays.

So did the Paris president just call out the real instigators behind the recent attack on Paris? You decide, TrueActivist readers. Comment below.

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