Devoted Dog Spends Days Guarding Injured Friend On Train Tracks [Watch]

This loyal pup refused to leave his friend. Even when trains passed, they both ducked their heads to avoid being hit.

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In numerous instances, domesticated animals have proven themselves to be both empathetic and intelligent. For instance, a cat in Poland named Radamenes spends his day playing nurse to sick patients at an animal clinic. Though he himself is healed, he will massage, clean, and even cuddle furry guests as they recover from their illnesses. Another prime example follows.

On Christmas day, two dogs were discovered on a pair of train tracks in Ukraine by Denis Malafeev. According to the good samaritan?s Facebook post, they belong to a family who had reported them missing days before. For two to three days, the male pup protected his female companion and stayed by her even when trains passed. As the video below shows, they would both duck their heads to prevent themselves from being hit.

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Because the loyal dog is so protective of the female, it took several attempts before Malafeev could rescue her. Finally, the injured canine was lifted off the dog and both were transported to a veterinarian.

?He kept her warm for two days under the constant threat of danger!? wrote Malafeev. ?I don?t know what to call it: instinct, love, friendship, attachment. I only know this: not every human is capable of this. We should all learn from it!?

Once both dogs, named Panda and Lucy, were treated for injuries, the activist tracked down their human caretakers. Now they?re safe and well-looked after once again.

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