Dad Draws Cartoon Leg On His Adorable 3-Legged Dog Every Single Day

This dog dad's illustrations are so adorable you can't help but follow Bradley the dog's adventures.

Credit: @mydogbradley/Instagram

When Charley Desrochers was in a car accident that left him with post-concussion symptoms, his outlook on life started dimming because of the pain he was experiencing. Any kind of physical accident can have tons of different effects on people afterwards, and Desrochers’ symptoms were bringing him down. In an effort to cope, Desrochers and his girlfriend, Marianne, considered adopting a dog, but couldn’t find one that they wanted to commit to until they met Bradley.

Credit: @mydogbradley/Instagram

They adopted Bradley when he was still a four-legged dog, but before he came into the shelter Bradley was destined to become three-legged. Living on the streets, the pug mix was hit by a car just like Desrochers was, except he didn’t get the treatment he needed afterwards. Instead, he continued living as a stray with a paralyzed paw that he dragged around, which caused the bone to deteriorate. As a result, that paw would need to be amputated, but it’s better for the dog if the whole leg is amputated.

Credit: @mydogbradley/Instagram

“At first we had a few reservations, but after a few weeks of seeing him trying to use his gimp leg to walk and how damaged it would get, even though we tried to have him wear a boot, we knew it would be for the best to go through with the operation,” Desrochers told The Dodo.

Since Bradley had already been living without using his fourth leg for quite some time, he adapted to the three-legged lifestyle very quickly. As he warmed up to his new predicament, he also warmed up to Charley and Marianne while he learned to navigate the house with one less leg.

Credit: @mydogbradley/Instagram

Bradley is truly the perfect dog for this couple, and they all know it. Charley has described Bradley as extremely “emphatic,” always knowing just what his humans need.

“He’s such a sweet dog and he knows when we are having our rough days. He loves to cuddle with us and knows we cheer up when he lets us rub his belly,” said Desrochers.

Credit: @mydogbradley/Instagram

He’s so silly and sweet that when the couple developed a voice for him (as humans do) it sounded like Mickey Mouse, thus beginning their cartooning journey. What started out as a drawing of a Mickey Mouse arm just three months ago escalated into so much more when Bradley’s Instagram account grew more popular. Now, his dog dad draws a cartoon leg on him everyday as they do regular activities together.

His cartoon leg depicts him doing all sorts of fun things and it gives both him and his parents the motivation to step outside, go on adventures, and be creative.

Credit: @mydogbradley/Instagram

“I just try to frame Bradley well when I take the photos and I think of the arm and what he’s doing as I draw the picture,” Desrochers said. “Ultimately I try to do things that will make Marianne go, ‘Oh my God that’s cute!'”

What’s great is that the online community has reportedly responded with nothing but love, as Bradley’s photos leave no room for negativity. Other “tripawd” parents have also reached out to the couple and applauded them for their ability to make such fun illustrations out of a seemingly serious situation.

If you want to follow Bradley’s adventures on Instagram, you can do so here.

Credit: @mydogbradley/Instagram


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