Creative Mom Turns Son?s Organic Meals Into Favorite Cartoon Characters

Parents who have a difficult time persuading their kids to eat more fruits and vegetables should note of what this innovative mother is doing!

Most parents struggle to get their kids to eat life-sustaining fruits and vegetables. This is likely because compared to milkshakes, fast food, and candy, the natural foods seem boring and tasteless. One woman discovered how to make her young son look forward to healthy and organic meals, however, and did so by becoming creative in the kitchen.

Laleh Mohmedi has gathered over 83,000 followers on Instagram because the healthy meals she creates have been shaped to look like her son Jacob?s favorite cartoon characters. From Scar of The Lion King to Marty from Madagascar 3, they are neither?lacking in flavor profile nor appeal.

Is this the secret to getting kids to eat their fruits and veggies? It certainly seems so. Learn more by visiting the dedicated mom?s Instagram page.

#1 Scar From The Lion King

Dahl (lentils) with wild rice and mash potatoes.

#2 Cogsworth From Beauty And The Beast

Spelt and cocoa pancakes with fruits.

#3 Marty From Madagascar 3

Sushi donut.

#4 King Peppy From Trolls


#5 Bing Bong From Inside Out

Chicken cutlet with potato and beetroot mash.

#6 Kermit The Frog From The Muppets

Apples, watermelon with wholemeal wrap and cheese.

#7 Beast From Beauty & The Beast

Waffles with spelt chocolate pancakes, dragon fruit, blueberries and banana.

#8 Hei Hei From Moana

Eggs with vegetables.

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