Woman Attacks Couple With Racist Remarks in Chicago’s Margarita Festival

Jessica Lynn Sanders

(MINDS) It’s a hard pill to swallow, that people act like this, but earlier this week another video surfaced of a woman acting about as trashy as a woman can.

Her name is Jessica Lynn Sanders and she was caught on camera repeatedly calling the recorder a nigger. After a dumbfounding barrage, she, then, spits at his wife.

The man recording is Ernest Crim, along with his wife Cassie Crim. They are both Chicago public school teachers and had gone to Chicago’s Margarita festival for a last hurrah before school starts back up. What they received was anything but.

After attempting a game of cornhole, they retrieved an errant beanbag that was thrown by a neighboring party of people. When Ernest picked it up, he was confronted by Jessica and that’s when the racial attack began.

“What’d you call me? Say it again,” he says as the video begins, seemingly in response to some sort of derogatory name calling. Her response is to knock his camera out of his hand.

Then she goes nuts. “Nigga, nigga nigga,” she chants. Then, “you’re a guy, you’re a nigger. If you hit me you’re a nigger.”

“You don’t know me, man,” responds Crim, keeping his cool as best as possible.

“You’re acting like a nigger,” says Sanders.

After she spits on his wife, the video comes to an end. Festival security are said to have taken her away.

“I was humiliated after that,” said Cassie, who was moved to tears over the incident. “We had a lot to think about. We’re educators. We’re black. We had too much going for ourselves to stoop to that level. She was not drunk to the point of not being accountable for her actions.”

They hope that video proof is enough to press charges for battery, feeling the tension of so many hate and racial crimes of late. “In this day and age, I just wanted to get her on camera so I can expose how ignorant she is and was,” said Crim.

He did, and her name was revealed to the public. Her Twitter and Facebook accounts have since been disabled. Public justice, if nothing else.

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