Couple Returns From Vacation And Find A “Wild” Guest That Broke Into Their Home

The turkey was perfectly content with just staying on the couch.

Credit: Barry Peterson

It’s a scene from every homeowner’s (or renter’s) worst nightmare: you come home from vacation or even from running errands and you see a broken window in the front of your house. The best case scenario is that some nearby kids accidentally threw a ball into the window and the worst case scenario is that a robber broke in and stole every one of your possessions. But the Peterson family didn’t expect to come home to a broken window and find that their situation was something far different.

When Barry Peterson and his wife returned from a vacation and walked up to their home in Minnesota, they noticed immediately that one of their front windows was broken. They assumed the worst, but when they opened the door to their house they realized they had nothing to worry about; it turns out that while they were gone, a wild turkey had somehow crashed through their window and taken up residence on the couch.

Credit: Barry Peterson

After having a good laugh, Barry decided to start filming their attempts to safely shoo the turkey out of the house and viewers can even hear the call they made to the cops.

“It’s kind of an odd request,” the wife says to 911 emergency services over the phone while laughing. “I don’t know if I should call you or what… but we just came home from being gone – and a wild turkey flew through our front window and is now in our house.”

Credit: South Lake Minnesota Police Department

The turkey didn’t seem all that interested in leaving and likely would have stayed on the couch if the Petersons had allowed him to. He scrambled up and down, but refused to leave out of the window and door they opened for a safe exit. At one point, he even looked like he was about to make his way out the door, but then he psyched out the owners of his vacation home and turned away at the last moment.

Credit: Barry Peterson

Police eventually arrive and immediately start taking photos and videos while gently encouraging the wild turkey to leave, all the while enjoying the silly antics of it all. One officer takes out what appears to be a flashing light and that’s enough to motivate the turkey to jump through the door.

Credit: Barry Peterson

“A Shorewood resident came home to find a broken out window to their residence. Shortly after they located an unusual guest lounging on their sofa,” South Lake Minnetonka Police Department wrote on Facebook. “He identified himself as Tom,” the post said, referring to the name that the Petersons had given him.

Credit: Barry Peterson

The video goes on to show the turkey waddling away into the trees and then the amount of glass on the floor in the house from the broken window. The Facebook post also clarified that “Tom later left the home on his own and found a better spot in an oak tree. The wild turkey was not injured.”

Credit: Barry Peterson

If you encounter a wild animal in your house, it’s best to call your local animal control office to determine if they can come and remove the animal. Attempting to shoo an animal out of your house without professional help can be dangerous, even with a turkey, as you can never predict what a wild animal will do when it feels backed into a corner. Remember to use caution because all wild animals, no matter how adorable, can pose a threat to humans. Watch the video below to see Barry Peterson’s footage of the wild turkey.

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