Could The Aquaman Actor, Jason Momoa, Have Gone Too Far By Calling Humanity A Disease In The UN Climate Summit?


Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg and her speech sent shockwaves across the globe. Her message made people get out of their comfort zone and start doing their part to save the planet. But it’s not only Greta’s speech that has caught the public’s attention. Numerous actors have come forward with their support on climate change and are showing their fans ways to save the environment. 

Aquaman actor, Jason Momoa delivered a powerful speech addressing the United nations. Last September 27, he spoke at the Small Islands Event and his message was similar to that of Greta’s – the world’s leaders are not doing what they can for the environmental welfare. Momoa did not only place blame on the politicians, but blamed Humanity as a whole – calling it a disease. 


Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Momoa was raised in Iowa by his mother. Because of this, the Aquaman star has knowledge on both sides of the world and has made him wiser on how it has been affected throughout the years. When he was living in Hawaii, he noticed the huge impact of the environmental degradation that has been taking place. He witnessed all the plastic and garbage floating in and out of the ocean and entering the shores, and it’s gradual increase. At present, it has been said that the Pacific Ocean has a garbage patch as big as the landmass of France. 

The major difference between Thunberg and Momoa’s speech was the tone. While the teenager’s had a sense of hope and positivity, Momoa’s came across as pessimistic – for all human beings out there. 


Being an actor, he received quite a number of negative comments, with most people disregarding his opinion saying, he’s not a scientist, so his opinion shouldn’t count. However, a lot have also supported him, mentioning that even actors can voice out their own opinions about the planet they live in. 

One thing is clear, the real-life Aquaman has started a difficult discussion that has brought people awareness regarding the status of this planet. 


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