Costa Rica Achieved 99% Renewable Energy In 2015

For 285 days this year, Costa Rica powered its grid on 100% renewable sources.


Buen Trabajo, Costa Rica! In April of this year, the bio-diverse nation announced that it had not used any fossil fuels for electricity. Now, at the end of 2015, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute has revealed in a statement that 285 days this year were fossil fuel-free.

Witnessing a small country like Costa Rica source nearly all of its energy from renewable resources gives one hope that soon, all countries will be able to boast similar results.

Phys?reports that the bulk of the small nation?s power generation comes from hydropower, thanks to a large river system and heavy tropical rainfalls.?Geothermal energy, wind, biomass, and solar power are also?relied upon by the green nation.

According to the institute, Costa Rica was ahead of its renewable energy targets and goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2021, despite 2015 being a very dry year. It’s aim for the future is not only to hit 100% renewable energy but to clean up energy consumption in general, such as moving the transportation sector away from fossil fuels and becoming less dependent on hydropower. It could do this by adding more geothermal energy plants and harnessing energy from other sources.

Earlier this year, the popular tourist destination was in the news for choosing to shut down its ?remaining zoos and free all wildlife in captivity.

It seems the progressive developments taking place in Costa Rica are not only benefiting the environment but citizens, too. Transitioning to fossil fuel-free energy sources has caused energy prices to fall by 12%. The institute predicts prices will continue to decline in the future.

Many nations have a long way to go before they can reach the same milestones, but progress is being made. Denmark, for example, generated 140% of its energy needs on a particularly windy day earlier this year, and Uruguay is now running on 95% clean energy.?

In addition, Sweden has announced it aims to be the first fossil fuel-free nation in the world, Austria’s largest state is running on 100% renewable energy, and the state of Hawaii intends to be the first in the U.S. to be powered by 100% renewable resources, as well.

The world?is?changing in many positive and powerful ways.

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