Cops Comfort A Pair Of Abandoned, Injured Pit Bulls While Waiting For Help

The cops refused to abandon the dogs just like their owners had.

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Patrick Hennessey was making his early morning commute in Orange County, Florida when he came across a pair of pit bulls in the middle of the street in need of help. Hennessey reported that the two dogs appeared to be waiting for help?and that they wouldn’t leave each other’s side. He decided to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to find out what to do about the dogs and the department sent over two officers, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs, to assess the situation.

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

When the officers arrived, the dogs relaxed and seemed to understand that everyone was there to help. It was clear that one of the dogs, later named Liberty, was in need of help because her paw was profusely bleeding. Hennessey said in a Facebook post,?

“Between myself and the officers, we were able to wrap some gauze and my bandana around it and stop the bleeding. She was very grateful and then we gave her and (the other dog) a beef stick that I had in my backpack.”

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

A passerby observed the deputies comforting the dogs as they waited for animal control to show up and snapped a few photos, which were then posted to the Facebook page for Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida. The passerby, identified as “Adam” only, was quoted as saying this about the scene:

“The deputies stood by with the dogs until Animal Services arrived and they even applied gauze to the injured dog’s leg to stop the heavy bleeding. These pictures I took depict a loving nature from our deputies and will tug at any animal lover’s heart strings. Thank you.”

Credit: Orange County Animal Services

The pictures surely do tug on animal lover’s heart strings, as these people understand that this simple act of kindness is what changed these dogs’ whole worlds. Without treatment, Liberty may have run off and gotten an infection and without supervision both dogs could have left at anytime without being located by animal control.

Credit: Orange County Animal Services

Once they arrived at the shelter, they were then named Liberty and Justice and deemed sweet and playful. Since no owner came to claim them, despite making local headlines, they were put up for adoption where they quickly found forever homes. When it comes to rescue, each moment is critical in helping out animals in need and the part that these officers played in these dogs’ lives cannot be understated.

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