Cops Carry Woman In Labor 6 Miles Through Snow To Hospital [Watch]

An Indian woman was able to give birth in a hospital thanks to six brave policemen who carried her to a hospital during a storm.

Credit: Amar Ujala

It took three hours, and the trek was undoubtedly dangerous, cold, and slow, but a group of six policemen didn’t stop as they carried a pregnant woman six miles to the closest hospital during a freezing snowstorm.

India Times reports that on January 9th, 23-year-old Kamini began to experience labor pains. The problem was, a blizzard resulted in all nearby roads being closed. Even the ambulance wouldn’t drive her to the hospital because of the precarious road conditions.

Overwhelmed and likely feeling frantic, the Indian family did the next best thing they could think of: they called the police. Fortunately, six policemen showed up on their doorstep, wrapped Kamini in a blanket, and set her on a cot which they hoisted on their shoulders and proceeded to carry to the hospital.

The group left approximately 6:30 PM and arrived at the wellness center around 9:30 PM. Though no additional information has been shared, it is believed that Kamini’s delivery went well and that now she and her family are caring for a healthy baby.

Credit: Amar Ujala

This story goes to show that there are kind, positive people in the world willing to do what it takes to help those in need. Don’t let this good news get drowned out by negative media. Share this article and comment your thoughts below!

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