Cop Pulls Gun On Jack In The Box Employee After Not Getting Burger Fast Enough

A drunk, off-duty deputy pulled a gun on Jack in the Box employees when he became frustrated at the long wait in the drive-thru.

Credit: ABC 7 News

Credit: ABC 7 News

A Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputy was arrested after a standoff with on-duty cops, who were responding to a call saying that the off-duty deputy, Benjamin Lee, had pulled out a gun instead of his wallet at the Jack in the Box drive-thru.

Lee was arrested earlier this year for the incident, when he reportedly drove through the drive-thru drunk at 2:40 AM.

According to witnesses, Lee became frustrated after waiting in line for a long time and wanted his food quickly. Instead of pulling out his wallet when he reached the drive-thru window, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the employee.

The employees were naturally scared and called 911 to report the man, who they did not know was a cop. Cops arrived before his food did, however, and a standoff ensued with Lee, who continued to wait for his food because he thought he had done nothing wrong. Video of the incident was posted online anonymously this week, raising more questions about what ensued from people who have seen it.

Lee was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and brandishing a weapon. Though a standoff with a deputy driving drunk is pretty serious, the vice president of the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, Roger Winslow, failed to mention the weapon in the statement he released.

Winslow said,

“Our deputies make arrests for these crimes regularly. They see first-hand the consequences caused by impaired drivers. DUI by anyone is unacceptable; doubly so when it involves a deputy sheriff. We are held to a higher standard and rightly so.”

If it were a civilian and not a deputy, the standoff could have ended in death for the civilian and the defense from police would be that the man was armed. With this cop, however, even a mention of the weapon is apparently not necessary.

Lee was put under administrative leave following his arrest, which is akin to a paid vacation, while he waited for his court hearing on March 10. The Free Thought Project contacted the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department to inquire about the status of Lee’s case or the verdict and received no reply.

They speculate that Lee is either back working for the department as a deputy or still on administrative leave; either way, he is likely still receiving a paycheck from the taxpayers he turned against when he didn’t receive his burger fast enough.

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