Compliment Booth Inspires People To Open Up And Say What They Feel [Must Watch]

This video is bound to brighten your day.

Credit: Soul Pancake

Credit: Soul Pancake

It might be agreed that what this world could use a whole more of is positivity. Encountering negativity daily is pretty much guaranteed, thanks to the pressures of modern life and mainstream media. But, there is always an opportunity for positive happenings to unfold when you take the time to appreciate who is in your life, as well as the gifts you’ve been given.

This truth is what Soul Pancake seeks to share with the world. Recently, the production company set up a booth with the simple instruction to “give a compliment, get a compliment.”

What ensued is absolutely heart-warming.

If this video inspired you, consider reaching out to a loved one to remind them how special they are to you.

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