Compelling Photo Series Entices People To Care About The Syrian Crisis

This artist believes that if one cares about color swatches, they should have the grace to care about the Syrian crisis.

Credit: Erdem Omur

While some people waltz around Home Depot and pick out colors for their new houses, there are women, children, and men dying in the Middle East due to a conflict that began in Syria five years ago. According to MercyCorps, at least 6.1 million people have been internally displaced by the war, and well over half of the country?s pre-war population of 22 million is in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

However, the fact of the matter is that mainstream media outlets rarely cover the topic. This continues, despite what recently occurred in Aleppo. To raise awareness about the horror which is taking place in Syria, causing millions to be displaced and thousands to be killed, artist Erdem Omur?edited?a series of powerful photographs from the conflict that send a direct message.

Posted on Bored Panda, the artist writes:

?Colour of 2017 is Greenery for the world but in Aleppo, there was nothing green left. While the world was interested in one colour, in another part of the world people had to see so many different colours: blood red, demolition grey, blue of hope??

His message is that if one can care about simple, mundane things such as color swatches, they best pay attention to the tragedies which are taking place around the world, specifically in Syria. He also adds:

?Read independent newspapers, watch free televisions and do not forget that we are in the same ship. This project does not involve any political thought but humanity.?


Credit: Erdem Omur

Grey Of Grief

Credit: Erdem Omur

Blue Hope

Credit: Erdem Omur

I?m Home

Credit: Erdem Omur

Salty Dust

Credit: Erdem Omur

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