Compassionate Student’s Quick-Thinking Saves Woman From Suicide Attempt

A University freshman’s quick-thinking prevented a 24-year-old woman from committing suicide on Easter.

Credit: Twin Cities

Credit: Twin Cities

On a morning run, most people are too occupied by their thoughts to notice others around them. Not 19-year-old Thomas Stolee, who was out for a jog on Easter morning.

While he passed plenty of civilians on his run, there was one troubled woman who caught his attention.

The University of Minnesota freshman told Twin Cities that he saw a 24-year-old woman standing on the rail of a bridge looking down.

“I stopped and tried to talk to her. I said, ‘Can I help you?’ And she said, ‘Get away from me,’ ” Stolee said.

He heeded the warning, but stuck around to try and dissuade her from committing suicide. For the next 20-30 minutes, the young man struck up conversation with the troubled woman, even while other pedestrians walked on past, completely oblivious to what was taking place.

Finally, when Stolee caught the eye of a passing couple, he mouthed ‘help’ so they could call the campus police. At this point, the woman was straddling the bridge rail and was close to jumping.

As she swung her second leg over the rail, Thomas had but moments to make a decision. He saw her diverted attention as the opportunity he needed to grab her in a bear hug and pull her to safety, which he did.

Reportedly, Stolee had trouble processing the ordeal after it had taken place. However, his family and friends maintain that his heroic actions were not out-of-character.

His father told the press:

“He wouldn’t be one to walk by when he sees something going on that would require intervention. He’d be in a position to intervene and hopefully have a positive impact on the outcome.”

Thanks to his quick-thinking, the woman’s life was saved. Hopefully, will use her second chance to heal what ails her and start fresh in life.

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