Compassionate Brothers Launch Project To Give Free Lunches To The Homeless [Watch]

?The Helping Lunchbox? has helped feed over 200 homeless citizens in the New Orleans area.


Credit: Insider News

Plenty of young activists and their charitable deeds have made the news lately, and a project launched by two brothers is just as deserving of attention.

Insider News reports that Derrel and Kyllon Martin are very aware of the homelessness issue in their home city of New Orleans, therefore, launched a project to help. ?The Helping Lunchbox? brings community members together to pack and delivers free lunches to homeless people in the area.

With the help of volunteers, the two brothers hand-deliver the lunch bags which are filled with sandwiches, a snack, and water. Words of encouragement are also written on each bag to inspire those who are living life on the streets.

Kristy Lewis Martin, the boys? mother, couldn?t be more proud of what her sons are doing. It was after the family noticed the grand number of people living under a bridge they often passed by that the boys decided to help remedy the conundrum. To date, the activists have helped feed over 200 people.

According to 2015 statistics, more than 564,708 people are living on the streets in the United States. 15% of that demographic are considered to be ?chronically homeless,? which means they struggle – and rarely succeed – to raise themselves from poverty.? The boys? actions are not only helping to ease the struggle many homeless people in New Orleans face, they?re helping draw attention to the issue.

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