Community Rewards Homeless Hero For Reporting Bomb He Found In Train Station

While going through the trash, two underprivileged individuals found a backpack containing five pipe bombs. Fortunately, the weapons were reported to local police.



Two underprivileged men are being hailed as heroes in Elizabeth, New Jersey, for finding and reporting a backpack containing five pipe bombs. Daily News reports that Lee Parker and Ivan White were going through trash cans at a local train station when they came across a duffel stuffed with five undetonated bombs.

Immediately, they stashed the backpack in an isolated area. Then, they contacted local police.  Because the bombs were reported and prevented from going off, hundreds of lives were likely saved.

As soon as this news made headlines, residents in the area quickly stepped forward to reward the local heroes. To assist Lee, who is homeless, and Ivan, who lives on a fixed income, Donald Goncalves set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for the pair.

Whatever is collected (so far over $30,000 has been raised) will be split between Lee, Ivan, and the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless – the organization that helped find an apartment for Lee.

Karma is rewarding Lee for reporting the bomb in numerous ways. In addition to receiving funds from the Go Fund Me campaign, he has also been contacted by a few local businesses regarding employment opportunities.

Truly, not everything that happens is good, but something good can result from every situation.

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