Comedy Couple Donates $1 Million To Aid Syrian Refugees

“The couple’s donation will save many thousands of lives and protect some of the most vulnerable children."



Thanks to the kindness of two witty and compassionate comedians, thousands of refugees displaced from the Syrian war will soon receive the aid they need.

Save The Children reports that Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife, fellow actress Isla Fisher, donated $1 million to charity to aid Syrian refugees.

Cohen, who is best known for his role in Borat and Les Miserables, and Fisher, who starred in The Great Gatsby and Wedding Crashers, divided their contribution evenly between two international charities: Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee.

“Sacha and Isla’s donation is a great expression of humanity, and a challenge to do more for the most vulnerable,” said David Miligan, the president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee.

Save the Children will use half of the donated portion to immunize 250,000 Syrian children against a measles outbreak in their country, and the other half will go toward families in need – especially women in children – in Syria and neighboring lands.

Said Justin Forsyth, CEO of Save the Children:

“By allowing us to make their generous donation to Syrian children public, Sacha and Isla are helping highlight the tragedy of the issue today.The couple’s donation will save many thousands of lives and protect some of the most vulnerable children.” 

It’s heartwarming that these two celebrities chose to fund such a noble cause, don’t you think?

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