Colorful Sidewalks Made From Recycled Plastic And Solar Panels Could Be Coming Your Way

These sidewalks are a game-changer when it comes to style and sustainability.

Credit: PLATIO

A new business with architects and engineers from Hungary has just formed and they’ve developed something pretty unique, sustainable, and enviable. Their paving system focused on sustainable sidewalks may seem boring, but people are doing double-takes when they see these brilliant walkways.

PLATIO, which is both the name of the business and the system used to run the pavements, “uses the normally appearing garbage and energy” to build human environments rather than taking from nature. The pavements are made completely from recycled plastic and utilize an advanced technology that converts sunlight and vibrations from footsteps and connects with seamless wiring to power nearby areas.

Credit: PLATIO

This startup isn’t the first to develop this pavement plan that harvests solar energy, but they have put a unique spin on it. Though companies like Solar Roadways have a similar model, their focus is on streets rather than sidewalks and is less creatively charged. As a show of PLATIO’s ambition in making the transition to this system seamless but stylish, the modular parts reportedly connect like Lego bricks and come in three beautiful colors: Levander, Tile Red, and Diamond Green.

A small group of three makes up the team behind this idea, but they are certainly a force to be reckoned with. The group of architects and engineers has already raised over $70,000 and sold 1,600 square feet of solar tile for their first projects, according to TechCrunch. Though this idea is still just that, it appears as though it will soon be a reality.

Credit: PLATIO

As though the sustainability and energy-producing powers weren’t enough, there are also exciting suggestions as to what the future may hold for this project if it takes off. It could be used as “infopavement” and serve as a new platform for advertisements and transmitting information to large groups of people.

The project is still in the development phase, although it was unveiled at the Smart City Expo last month and PLATIO is even shipping the first tiles for their pilot projects already. It’s a promising idea with tons of potential, a great model, and the power to become popular in a variety of cities throughout the world if the developers are serious about growing their business. If we’re lucky, PLATIO will become popular and improve the sidewalks in cities near those that will appreciate the environmental and stylistic effort put into this innovative concept.

Credit: PLATIO

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