Colorado Man Wants to Turn Former Prison Into a Marijuana Business

Man in Colorado buys former correctional facility with hopes of turning it into a marijuana business

Flowering_male_marijuana_plantBy John Vibes,

True Activist.

Nicholas Erker of Colorado Farm Products, recently wrote a letter to his local government, requesting that they allow him to develop a marijuana company in a former prison that he purchased this March. According to Erker, he didn’t actually buy the prison with the intent of turning into a marijuana business, but saw potential in the location after seeing the rapid growth of the cannabis industry in Colorado.

Marijuana is now technically legal in the state of Colorado, however many areas put laws in place that prohibit trading the substance within specific towns or counties.  Additionally, there are mountains of red tape that hopeful entrepreneurs are forced to deal with if they are interested in starting a business in the industry.

In the city of Brush, where Erker bought the former correctional facility, there are currently a number of new laws on the books placing a number of restrictions on the sale and cultivation of marijuana. These laws would make it impossible for Erker to start his business on the piece of property that he just bought in the city, so he is asking his local government to revisit and change these ordinances.

Erker said that if his plan was accepted it would create at least 31 new jobs for the community, and he promised to be transparent about his business with the government and the police, even though he shouldn’t have to.  Whether or not the government of Brush will accept his request is hard to tell, because the decision will be made exclusively by members of the city council.

At the time of the last city council meeting two weeks ago, the council promised to return with details at the next meeting which fell on July 28th. However, no official announcement has been made about the status of Mr. Erker’s request.


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