Clinton Campaign Intentionally Overcharged Poorest Donors Repeatedly

Small-time donors making a one-time donation were charged by the Clinton campaign numerous times in an attempt to inflate the number of regular people supporting Clinton.


In another scandal for the Clinton campaign, Clinton’s poorest supporters have been repeatedly and intentionally overcharged after making one-time small donations through her campaign’s official website. An anonymous source at Wells Fargo’s fraud department told the Observer that ?we get up to a hundred calls a day from Hillary’s low-income supporters complaining about multiple unauthorized charges? from the Clinton campaign. The overcharging has been taking place since Spring of this year. The Hillary for America campaign overcharges small donors by amounts of $20, $40, or $60 multiple times. The charges are always less than $100 as charging these donors $100 or more has been avoided in order to avoid triggering fraud investigations.

Small donors who call the Clinton campaign are unable to fix the issues. The Clinton campaign, according to inside sources, is aware that the bank will refund the money due to the fact that the charges are small. In response to the requests of small donors, the bank usually refunds between $700 to $1,200 every day in fraudulent charges made by the Clinton campaign. However, the likely amount of unauthorized money collected by the Clinton campaign is actually much larger as the refunds are only issues to the people who notice the unauthorized charges on their bank statements.


Carol Mahre’s bank statement shows how Hillary for America charged her repeatedly months after she made what was supposed to be a one-time donation Credit – the Observer

One small-time donor, 81-year-old grandmother Carol Mahre, made a one-time $25 donation to Hillary Clinton through her campaign’s official website. Even though the donation was supposed to be only a one-time donation, Mahre was charged repeatedly by the Clinton campaign. The overcharges ultimately totaled $94. Frustrated, Mahre contacted her son Roger, an attorney, to help her resolve the issue. Roger called the Clinton campaign around 40 times until he was able to speak to a campaign representative who said that his mother would be removed from the donor list. However, she wasn’t and was charged repeatedly until her son filed a case with the Minnesota Attorney General’s office.

This isn’t the first time Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns have been caught overcharging donors. In 2007, the New York Times reported that Clinton’s first presidential campaign charged donors’ credit cards twice and was ultimately forced to refund $2.8 million in donations, a truly stunning amount. However, the overcharging allegedly isn’t about the money. Overcharging small-time donors allows the Clinton campaign to inflate the number of small donors supporting her campaign. For example, if one person donating to the Clinton campaign is charged four times, the Clinton campaign can report the donations as four unique contributions from small donors. This allows Clinton to appear that her support among the general public and the amount raised from regular people is much higher than it actually is.

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