CIA Torture Report Reactions: Guess Who Thinks It’s Ok To Rape Innocent Men Cos The USA Is “Awesome”?

Russell Brand, Jon Stewart and Fox News talking head Andrea Tantaros give us their opinions (according to her, the USA is so cool none of this even matters)

This week the CIA were forced to reveal details of their torture program, the contents of which make for difficult reading. We knew about the waterboarding, sleep deprivation and shackles, but the so-called ‘interrogation techniques’ employed by the USA in the endless War On Terror are far more horrific than anyone ever imagined.

Detainees (26 of whom were later found innocent) were raped. They were fed pureed meals through the rectum. They were detained in isolation with their hands chained to the ceiling for days, naked and in darkness, with loud music playing to ensure they couldn’t sleep. In addition to detailing these highly illegal ‘interrogation techniques’, the declassified files also reveal that America has secret prisons all over the world (map below), including Poland, Thailand and Afghanistan. The only person who has been punished is a CIA whistleblower, prosecuted for providing information to reporters. The real criminals will be protected from justice, including the soldiers who carried out these vile offenses to those at the top who ordered or allowed it to happen.

The video report from RT above sums up the sickening techniques, but let’s look at some reactions to the files.

In a recent episode of his YouTube series The Trews, Russell Brand called the USA’s methods “terrifying” and noted: “If rape is used to get information, we are already in hell;  we can’t decline any further.”

Jon Stewart was lost for words on The Daily Show, but found an opportunity to prove (once again) that Bush is a liar after it emerged he was told about these torture methods back in 2006 but was still denying them one year later.

Government mouthpiece Fox News had a different take on things, as you would imagine. Andrea Tantaros’s despicable reaction to the CIA torture report was to angrily proclaim that the USA is “awesome”, over and over again. What planet does this woman live on? Stewart reacted to Tantaros in another episode of the Daily Show here, making some really great points about American hypocrisy.

Map below shows US-run secret prison locations (2013)


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