Drone Pilot Is “So Ashamed” After Killing 1,626 people

Drone Pilot Is “So Ashamed” After Killing 1,626 people

Former Military Drone Pilot Brandon Bryant was recently interviewed by BBC about his experience killing people by remote control. After being told that he was responsible for the deaths of 1,626 people, and that he would be hunting down people from his own country, Bryant began to feel uneasy about what he had signed on […]

More Evidence For Monsanto’s Role In The Ukrainian Coup?

More evidence has emerged that last year’s Ukrainian coup could have been a deliberate attempt by the USA to takeover the country’s agricultural industry, which up until that point was anti-GMO and had strict laws prohibiting private sector land ownership. Ukraine is known as ‘the breadbasket of Europe’ for its rich soil and high exports of corn […]

“Don’t Let It Happen”: Orwell’s Prophetic Final Words On The Madness Of The Modern World

This footage from a 2003 BBC docudrama about George Orwell’s life and works is so true, it’s terrifying. Some of the great author and activist’s final words on how he envisaged the future are very well known, but this clip is fantastic for gathering all his thoughts in one place (and sharing them with anyone who is […]

CIA Torture Report Reactions: Guess Who Thinks It’s Ok To Rape Innocent Men Cos The USA Is “Awesome”?

This week the CIA were forced to reveal details of their torture program, the contents of which make for difficult reading. We knew about the waterboarding, sleep deprivation and shackles, but the so-called ‘interrogation techniques’ employed by the USA in the endless War On Terror are far more horrific than anyone ever imagined. Detainees (26 […]

It’s Not Just Conspiracy Theorists: This CIA Whistleblower Backs Up Claims ISIS (And Ebola) Were Made In The USA

Stephen D Kelley is an ex CIA/NSA contractor who believes that ISIS is a “completely fabricated enemy”. In this short radio interview with Press TV, the whistleblower points out that stopping the terror group’s funding would be the most logical and efficient way of crushing them. “For people to think this enemy is something to […]

There´s No Glory In War

This family story, ´My Dad and Uncle were in World War One´, is a reminder that there is no glory in war. As English poet and author Heathcote Williams illustrates with his family history, war means death, destruction, misery, and pointless loss of life on both sides. The video is a reminder of Armistice Day´s original […]

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