Gay Activist And Author: In This Messed-Up World, We’re All Queer

Steven Thrasher is an award-winning gay journalist who has made a fantastic video for The Guardian‘s Comment Is Free opinion vlog, pointing out all of the world‘s messed-up concepts and questioning them one by one. In it, he argues that if he is queer, so is everyone else. In fact, the whole world is queer. […]

Banksy Just Released This 2-Minute Film About Gaza, The Dream Holiday Destination For 2015

Gaza, Your Dream Holiday Destination For 2015? Banksy the world’s most mysterious street artist just released a 2 minute film that takes a typical vacation advertisement and turns it on its head. Rumor has it that the man himself filmed parts of the video! Come to Gaza, says the short film. It’s a place off the tourist […]

Forgotten History: Must-Watch Interview Exposes Horrors Committed By Allied Forces During WW2

Seventy years ago this month, the Allied forces dropped thousands of bombs on the German city of Dresden. It’s an event that is usually glossed over or completely ignored when learning about World War II in history class, but this moving interview with a British survivor reminds us that the Allied forces committed gruesome atrocities too. Victor […]

UN Commissioner Says War On Terror Is “Laying Waste To Human Rights”

UN Commissioner Says War On Terror Is “Laying Waste To Human Rights”

U.N. Human rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein recently spoke out against the war on terror, calling it a threat to human rights worldwide. Last Thursday, he spoke at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C about the many problems that the US is causing with their wars all over the planet. “This logic is abundant […]

Drone Pilot Is “So Ashamed” After Killing 1,626 people

Drone Pilot Is “So Ashamed” After Killing 1,626 people

Former Military Drone Pilot Brandon Bryant was recently interviewed by BBC about his experience killing people by remote control. After being told that he was responsible for the deaths of 1,626 people, and that he would be hunting down people from his own country, Bryant began to feel uneasy about what he had signed on […]

More Evidence For Monsanto’s Role In The Ukrainian Coup?

More evidence has emerged that last year’s Ukrainian coup could have been a deliberate attempt by the USA to takeover the country’s agricultural industry, which up until that point was anti-GMO and had strict laws prohibiting private sector land ownership. Ukraine is known as ‘the breadbasket of Europe’ for its rich soil and high exports of corn […]

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