Powerful Social Experiment On Hate Speech: What Would You Do?

This social experiment was filmed in Lithuania, where ordinary people were invited to a casting call for a TV ad. Once they arrived, they were asked to sit down in a waiting room. They had no clue the waiting room was fake, and they were already being filmed by hidden cameras. A black actor is seated, and he […]

Africa’s Largest Elephant Was Just Killed By A German Hunter

Africa’s Largest Elephant Was Just Killed By A German Hunter

It’s as if folks missed the news that within ten years, the African Elephant is likely to become extinct. Or, at least that’s the only explanation this author can surmise, for what else could allow one – or a hunting community around the world – to believe that stalking and killing a majestic elephant in […]

Can You Help This Brave Survivor Tell Her Story And Save Millions Of Lives?

Jaha Dukureh is a formidable and incredibly courageous young woman whose tragic past could have caused her to give up on life altogether. Instead, she’s spearheading a vital campaign that would save millions of girls from a horrific and brutal practice: female genital mutilation. When she was just one week old, Jaha’s clitoris was barbarically cut […]

The Inspirational African Princess Bringing Solar Power To Millions

Light is something we take entirely for granted in the developed world, but there are 1.3 billion people worldwide living without electricity- and 620 million in Africa alone. That’s over 90% of the rural population of an entire continent. In this highly entertaining and educational TEDex talk, HRH Princess Abzeita Djigma from Burkina Faso in Western Africa […]

Campaign Group Launches Action Over Nestle Water Extraction In California

Campaign group The Story Of Stuff Project have just announced they will be pursuing legal action against the U.S. Forest Service for allowing Nestle to continue to extract groundwater in California, something which has been a key contributor to the State’s drought crisis. Thanks to generous donations from a huge number of furious citizens, The Story Of Stuff […]

Activist Photographs Ex-Lab Animals In Themed Photo Shoot, Helping Find New Homes

Activist Photographs Ex-Lab Animals In Themed Photo Shoot, Helping Find New Homes

When Italian charity La Collina dei Conigli ONLUS rescued a number of rabbits, mice, rats, and guinea pigs from animal research labs, it became a necessity to capture their photos so they might find loving, furrever homes. But if you’re going to do something, why not go all out? With this thought in mind, the […]

If Every Reporter Was This Honest, More People Would Watch The News

Warning: The video above contains language not suitable for children or for work. Flip on your local news station in the morning, and you’re likely to be bombarded with all the negative happenings of the world. Regardless of the fact that plenty of positive events are taking place, too, mainstream media tends only to relay […]

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